Wednesday, May 2, 2007

fat portfolio is good?

i've been putting my portfolio together all yesterday and today. it takes a while because i have to edit some pieces, print everything out and construct them with spray mount, then apply to boards and create pockets for folded posters so they don't slide around my case. i even cut thick foam board as carefully as i could to create what theron calls "cradles" for things like my magazine and cd package. i think i need to redo one cradle cause i need to fit one more board in and it's hard to close the case already, my foamboard was too fat.

but after all that, i'm looking at my work, thinking, wow, i'm ready for a job, or internship, i have the minimum of 10 pieces, i will have 11 after i finish the book for practicum, so it's 11 strong pieces. i'm proud of myself, i feel more confident putting everything together in my case, i feel ready now. i thought i had only 7 pieces but i have more. i still don't even have a letterhead page which i will create based off my looseleaf bag, and then i will further have a logo page . . . . . so . . . . . i'm good to go now!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

here's the bag...loose leaf tea&spices

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i designed this is in my special studies in graphic design course

Designer stuff

So today I joined AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) finally, it feels good to be a part of the design community though I haven't stepped outside yet today.

I'm just working on my performing arts poster, I was having troube with the type so I had my roommate hand write it for me because she has beautiful writing, so now it's my duty to scan it all, resize, and arrange with typograhic skill into InDesign...

peace yo

Thursday, April 12, 2007

sleep tonight?

i don't know if i'm going to get to sleep...i'm working on that CD package, it takes forever, and then i have to print it out and construct it ;(

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So many concepts

It gets tiring juggling so many projects at once, as soon as 1 is finished, 2 more are added to my "to do(think about and execute) list". I know it's realistic of the "real world" but i don't think the deadlines will be as tight as they are when in school, unless I find myself working at some crazy huge firm with thousands of clients...

So for now the projects looming over my head are:

-Finish the GCAC(Santa Ana's Grand Central Art Center) poster for tomorrow
-Come up with "the" major idea for the book we're starting in Practicum tomorrow
-Finish the Perfoming Arts Marquee poster
-Update the 2008 Spring Class Schedule to reflect the 50 years CSUF has been around
-Make a CD package by thursday at 1pm